My name is Addison Punch and I am a member of Conover First United Methodist Church and Girl Scout Troop #10441. For my gold project, I designed, with the help of Keith Hall, a meditation garden at our church’s Columbarium. I removed the old landscaping and replaced it with new bushes, plants and added benches. You are welcome to visit the Meditation Garden. If you will click on the link below, there are some photos taken while the work was being done.

Addison Punch’s Gold Project Final Photos


The Book of Luke

Bible Study Schedule

FALL  2022

September 13/14        Session 1  Luke 1-2

September 20/21        Session 2  Luke 3-4

September 27            Session 3  Luke 5–6   (note: both meet on Tuesday)

October 4/5                Session 4  Luke 7–9:50

October 11/12            Session 5  Luke 9:51–13:21

October 18/19            Session 6  Luke 13:22–16

October 25/26            Session 7  Luke 17–19:27

November 1/2             Session 8  Luke 19:28–21

November 8/9             Session 9  Luke 22–23

November 15/16         Session 10 Luke 24


A Word from CUPCAKE 

My friend, Cupcake has invited you to an epic Vacation Bible School (VBS) scheduled for July 10 – 14, 2022.

 Ages: “almost 3” through “completed 5th Grade”

Kick off cookout: July 10 at 5pm.  Day 1 session at 6pm.

Day 2 – 5: Dinner at 5:45. Sessions start at 6pm.

Dismissal is at 8:30pm

Participants and volunteers are required to register at:

Click here to REGISTER!

If you are willing to cover a child in PRAYER in the days leading up to VBS, please contact me.

Let me know if you are willing to help distribute VBS flyers and help with getting the word out.  

  Pastor Charmaigne


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