About Conover First United Methodist

What are you looking for in a church?

One Large enough to have ministries and resources for all ages…. yet a warm and welcoming atmosphere? One which teaches God’s revealed truth yet relies on God’s grace to have the last word? One that believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ while resting in the fact that we are called “friends” of Christ. This is who we are. Walk through our doors and you will immediately encounter a love, welcome and warmth which is genuine and contagious. Our worship is Spirit-filled and inspiring while giving life lessons for success and wholeness.

Our purpose and goal is to help you stand on the solid rock of one God, one Lord Jesus Christ whose death and resurrection is our way to salvation and wholeness, one Holy Spirit who empowers us, and one inspired Word to guide us.

This will enable us to reach out to others who are hungry, thirsty, tired and lost with our many ministries of outreach and relief.

This is our heart! This is the reason we exist! Come and see and then you will experience and know.